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All written content on this website is copyright © Jake Kurczek 2014 except where noted.


This website was designed off of the Twitter Bootstrap backbone.


Images used in this website are copyright © Jake Kurczek 2014 with the following exceptions:

The phrenology model image was modified with gimp from

The glowing brain image on the homepage was modified with gimp from

The chalkboard image was a modified with gimp from a still from the movie, A Serious Man. That scene was filmed at my alma mater St. Olaf College while I was a student in a old Science Center lecture hall where I took many intro science courses.

The picture of open books was modified with gimp from

The colored brains on the homepage are modified with gimp from the 3D brain app

The Dopamine Reward System image was modified with gimp from "Dopaminergic Mechanisms of Individual Differences in Human Effort-Based Decision-Making" published in 2012 in the Journal of Neuroscience

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The audio player was developed by William Randol.


The music used in my podcast comes from various sources on Looperman. These include: Intro-Megapaul on Guitar and ferryterry on Drums; Outro: Megapaul on Guitar and MetaAnomie on Drums. I mixed most of these samples together using Audacity.