Graduate Certificate in College Teaching Excellence

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching provides the necessary coursework and supervised experiences to prepare graduate students for careers in post-secondary education.


Covers the current theoretical and empirical literature on teaching in higher education. Through hands on application of various theoretical stances applied to lectures given by fellow students, the focus is on the development of effective teaching practices.
A "how to" course for teaching at the college level. The course covers the "nuts and bolts" of teaching and allows students to workshop any ideas or problems related to teaching.
Acquired Cognitive Communication Disorders
This course introduces graduate students to service-learning pedagogy, as well as project design and implementation. In our course, you will develop your own service-learning project (for potential implementation in your teaching). While we will be addressing service-learning history and theory, we have designed this course to be "student-centered" and as pragmatic as possible. The course is as much about educating you as it is professionalizing your teaching skill set and helping you craft teaching materials and approaches that you can apply beyond our course.
An on-line course that taught how to create and manage on-line courses.
A course in which on-line portfolios were created.
The primary purpose of this seminar/practicum is to prepare students to work in the Writing Center at the University of Iowa and/or other institutions. A secondary purpose is to introduce students to some important themes in writing studies. Students read articles, books, handouts, and web pages on the following related issues: reading and writing processes, one-on-one conferencing dynamics, second language writing, basic writing, first- and second-year college writing, writing across the curriculum, and writing center administration. Students keep a weekly journal in which they apply course readings to tutoring their own writing center students. An oral report on a case study of a student writer or on a resource for tutoring writing as well as a final written project are required.