Jake Kurczek, PhD

I'm an educator and researcher who studies the interaction and interdependencies of different cognitive abilities through the lens of multiple theoretical backgrounds while using complementary methodologies.


My Cognitive Neuroscience class explores translating neuroscience to the public in a new podcast.

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Our latest research, detailing a novel method of assessing autobiographical memory, was published in Neuropsychologia.

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My Cognitive Neuroscience class created viral infotainment for Brain Awareness Week

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Innovative Teaching.
Engagement in and out of class.

As a neuroscientist, I view the brain as the most powerful learning machine in the world and I try to give it the nourishment and challenge that it deserves. Through activities, experiments and discussion, I attempt to explore topics in as engaged of a manner as possible. I also take learning into the community in order to better understand the topics and challenges that students will face in their future personal and professional lives.

Impactful Research.
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Interdisciplinary and translational, my research and expertise using patient-based methodology to study cognition provides a means for exciting cross-disciplinary collaborations and dialogue among multiple theoretical backgrounds, other higher education institutions, and the larger scientific, health, and education communities.

Community Involved.
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Collaborative research, service-learning and science activism all play an integral part in my scholarship. In my research, I attempt to guide the research towards making a difference in the public's lives, while in teaching I work collaboratively with community members to create learning opportunities that matter. Finally, I am passionate about science literacy and advocacy, working with community groups to increase public understanding of the importance of scientific research and funding.