I look to contribute to my department, program, college/university and community in a number of different ways. Below are my service activities, click on each for more information.

Program/Department Service

Psi Chi is a national honor society for students in psychology. The club has both academic (journal clubs, guest speakers) and engagement (Get Psyched Night) activities.
I was on the search committee for a tenure track position in our psychology program.
I was on the search committee for a 3 year visiting position in our neuroscience program.
As chair of the program I oversee administration at the departmental level. You can follow our blog here and our twitter here
The NeuroClub is a student organization for students who are interested in neuroscience. The club has both academic (journal clubs, guest speakers) and engagement (Brain Awareness Week) activities.
Psi Chi is a national honor society for students in psychology. The club has both academic (journal clubs, guest speakers) and engagement (Get Psyched Night) activities.
The Peer tutoring is a resource available to Haverford students. I work to interface with the Introductory Psychology tutors and the other psychology instructors.
Students within the program who were interested in front- and backend web design teamed up to revamp the University of Iowa Graduate Neuroscience program website found here
This committee is responsible for monitoring the quality of the training program, soliciting systematic feedback from trainees and monitoring the outcomes of students who graduate from the program.
High school volunteers spent a day touring various departments in the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic. I introduced students to behavioral experimental techniques in neuropsychology.
The University of Iowa Neuroscience Program hosts a yearly bee which invites local high school students to test their neuroscience knowledge. The winner is provided with a travel stipend to attend the National Bee.
Axonal Connections was a newsletter for alumni to find about updates from the program.
The Society for Neuroscience chapter program helps to further SfN's mission by providing members the opportunity to make an impact at the local level.
Interested psychology majors met to discuss interesting research. Individuals in charge of the club organized topics and discussions.
Each year the St. Olaf Psi Chi National Honor Society conducts a research project. I helped establish programatic evaluation of the program through current student and alumni questionnaires which continues through today.
The St. Olaf Neuroscience Club provides a forum for students interested in neuroscience to meet and learn more about the field.
The St. Olaf Psychology Club is dedicated to creating an atmosphere where students interested in psychology can learn more.
The St. Olaf Think Tank provided an opportunity for dedicated students to address and solve problems that traditional outlets couldn't take on.

College Service

The student success committee is reviewing procedures at the college level to make sure that students are receiving the best support possible.
Loras College IRB is an ethics committee that reviews research in order to ensure that they are ethical.
Each NCAA institution elects two FARs to facilitate interactions between athletics and academics and to represent the institution at the conference (IIAC) and national levels.
Loras College started a Faculty Athletic Liaison program in which faculty/staff are paired with teams as an advisor and supporter.
Loras College is undergoing a self-study of our first year experience. The learning committee focuses on FY students learning both inside and outside of the classroom.
Campus Compact advance the public purpose of colleges and universities by deepening their ability to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility. Our college among many hundreds are planning how we can mobilize for a number of committments that we have made.
Loras College offers aid and scholarships to all students, however the highest honors are the Leadership Scholarships.
Iowa Private College Week provides students the opportunity to learn what its like to be a Duhawk.
The Faculty Liaison Program supports student-athletes by increasing the communication amongst student-athletes, coaches and faculty.
The Executive Council of Graduate and Professional Students (ECGPS) provides opportunity to apply for competitive grants to use for either, travel, research, or to conduct a service project.

Professional Service

I reviewed fellowship applications for the GWIS Fellowship, a $10,000 fellowship for graduate students, post-docs and early-career scientists.
I chaired the session on cognition at the LVAIC Conference which took place at Moravian College.
The Delta Center is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to change: in learning and development. I am primarily involved in their outreach and engagement work.

Journal Review